• Added *juice* as suggested by Kenney, Stingly, and Yodarth
  • Updated particle effects
  • Updated screenshake
  • Added particles on main menu
  • Spacebar now works on main menu


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It's good, I liked the shaking effect of the blocks especially when shooting. This has lots of promise. Add some levels that gradually build up. It felt a little difficult. You could even make block shapes to make it more fun for each level.

Hey thanks for the feedback! I really appreciate it!

and is size the most?

is rate the least common powerup?

No, they actually all have an equal spawn rate, but because it is random, sometimes you may get a lot of one powerup.

Haha because of a glitch the bounces are very slightly less likely.


hey elan did you change some of the effects?

Yeah I did! Some people said it would be cooler with some more juice, so I took their advice. I think it turned out great!

Yeah i love the rumble!

can anyone beat my time?

(1 edit)

my current record time is 1:16 minutes

damn, I got 1:44

ok 1:17.8


yeah you kinda have to get the right  beginning powerups

woah i just got the winning screen and then immediatly after the losing screen

Huh, we will have to look into fixing that


i got a 5-5-5 win!


This game is heckin legitness

why thank you

Thanks Lukas!

hey other players! i wanna know what  your favorite upgade is below!!

Personally, I think that bounces is the best, but rate 5 is so fun


Such a fun game!! Super addicting too! My favorite upgrade is the bounce

lets goooo I got a 5-5-5 win

What does everyone think? Should we make the blocks fall faster or slower? 

Let us know!

I think the the blocks should stay the same...

Ok, thanks for your feedback!